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Base 16 Animal Farm casualties

Concept Paper CP-014 by Herb Zinser

See, Computer EARTH map below ...Hexadecimal  highway 16 and Z  ....  a critical computer science region.

Undo, redo, or repeat an action - Word - Office - Microsoft
Microsoft Office
The undo command works for many common actions, such as typing or pasting. ... You can undo and redo up to 100 actions in the following 2007 Microsoft Office system programs: Word, ... Keyboard shortcut Press the EARTH base 16 CTRL+Z   or F2. 
For the F2 function key to undo your last action, you might need to press the F-Lock key.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Escherichia Coli 0157 H 7 merges with the bio-computer Fortran H compiler to send a super E.COLI bio-computer WAR signal to COL Timothy Thomas regarding the DARPA FORT Hood intellectual tragedy.


The Darwinian evolution of Escherichia coli into new formats of expression.

-----> E COL Interface and the supersymmetry bio-physics messages for the FACE of

Lieutenant COL Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) .... analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

  1. The Mind Has No Firewall" by Col. Timothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)

    "The Mind Has No Firewall" by Col. Timothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)

  1. The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College
    by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
    The Mind Has No Firewall. TIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. ..... Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) ...
From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.

The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.[2] We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated

The year 2012 view of the situation by Herb Zinser of over 256 SCIENCE WAR status reports ..available as INTERNET BLOGS.

The year 2009 Parameters of the Escherichia Coli military actions at FORT HOOD.

The living EARTH cell has many conceptual parallels to the human body cell and human cell thoughts. College textbooks in genetics, biochemistry, hematolgy, and molecular cell biology provide empircal lab data and symbolic models that explain many of the human cell processes. Using superysmmetry physics / mirrors ..... we may use some of their knowledge to understand the living EARTH cell and its many processes ...which include Nature's social engineering projects with subset humans and their institutions.

In a way, Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions allows us to use this approach.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is a interesting test site. A distant astrophysics observer ....looking at EARTH ....may think of it as a  living cell ..a bio-solid living in the Milky Way universe of mathematical-physics life.

For example, an astrophysics geneticists .....with EARTH LAB ... would try screening procedures ..... especially with the proximity of CALTECH astrophysics to Hollywood screens with GENE GENE Autry. What would such an influence .....of Western COWBOY movie genes ......have upon astrophysics genetic thought structures. That is described in another blog.

Here, we shall discuss the new formats of Escherichia coli...which seem to be sending the human species messages from Nature. Nature and its vast variety of expressions ..considers subset humans and their institutions as EARTH LAB specimens year 2012..... social engineering LAB specimens .......groups of people, communities, cities, governments, etc.

The E.coli messages seem be to social engineering feedback signals ....... sometimes tragic signals ....because of the need to get human attention ...such as that provided by FRONT-PAGE newspaper headlines of a tragedy.

Escherichia coli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms (endotherms). Most E. coli ...
Model organismE. coli is frequently used as a model organism in microbiology studies. Cultivated strains (e.g. E. coli K12) are well-adapted to the laboratory environment, and, unlike wild type strains, have lost their ability to thrive in the intestine. Many lab strains lose their ability to form biofilms.[54][55] These features protect wild type strains from antibodies and other chemical attacks, but require a large expenditure of energy and material resources.

SOS response - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
In Escherichia coli, different classes of DNA-damaging agents can initiate the SOS response, as described above. Taking advantage of an operon fusion placing ...

What is an example of a city with social science E. Coli ?
Nature provided the SIGNAL of the SOS repsonse VIA humanoid messenger SOSA ...Sammy SOSA.
The contaminated cities are Baltimore, Chicago and the state of TEXAS.
Major league career

  • Model organism
    Using supersymmetry physics / parallel processing ...modern television photons have EM --> ElectroMagnetic parallel features

The SOS Response of Escherichia coli
The SOS system was the first Escherichia coli regulatory network to be identified that is induced by DNA damage. It is the largest, most complex, and ...

E. Coli WAR College

  1. The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College
    by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
    The Mind Has No Firewall. TIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. ..... Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) ...
  2. "The Mind Has No Firewall" by Col. Timothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)

    "The Mind Has No Firewall" by Col. Timothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)
Let's look at the 4 DNA nucleotides T, A, G, C. The DNA military regulatory agency ...comprised of humanoids ..was assigned to the TAG group of soldiers labeled the pen.TAG.on. They seem to have some intellectual communication problems in year 2012.

Thus we can see the DNA role of the U.S.ARMY in various biochemistry and governmental affairs.

Let's clarify the concepts of government levels the context of Nature.

The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic humans with an atomic brain symbolic computer that expresses messages on behalf of the atomic table of life and thought and feelings. Humans are thus considered as representatives or messengers or business LAB partners working with the atomic/astrophysics continuum, its life, and the thought formats within it.

Thus the atomic level is considered a basic level of Nature.
The 2nd level would be the genetics, biochemistry, molecular cell biology governments of NATURE.
Then we would have humans and their governments and institutions.

Let's look at Nature and the concept of superysmmetry bio-physics / parallel processing / mirrors. the conceptual context of the living geography EARTH cell .....and the various subset cells possible .....such as a 180 pound set of adult male human cells OR the smaller cells found in a university biology LAB.

Using these concepts we shall outline the theory ...regarding the evolution of  Escherichia coli 0157 H 7 into an advanced  bio-computer  version of E. Coli.     We know that all organisms do data processing ....they have input and output.   Those computer science systems of Nature have existed for millions of years.

Let's look at a model of the advanced E.coli 0157H that exists in the context of EARTH LAB.

In the context of the large EARTH LAB ......the Fort Hood geography site would be like a parallel to university lab room.
Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions is a useful conceptual tool.

a) college/university LAB room is one size .....with bacteria and equipment for experiments. Inside that LAB room may be a piece of equipemnt called a LAB HOOD.
b) the atrophysics universe LAB room .....the EARTH and places like FORT HOOD (a LAB HOOD equivalent)

There are certain traits in an E. coli strain to look for when searching for a suitable host for M13:
  • *MUST* F+: must be positive for the pilus, because M13 infects via the pilus.


M13 bacteriophage is one of the members of filamentous bacteriophages, 

which only adsorbs on F+ E. coli cells

by interacting with F conjugative pilus [18].

Thus we see a mathematical mapping of some type.......

FROM the university LAB ...the descriptive words above of cells/ processes
ARE mapped/and amplified
TO a larger, parallel EARTH geography sized setting of concrete buildings and adult people.

Thus NATURE ......has provided researchers with a MIRROR ...that seems to describe some social science bacteria problems.

Now, let's look at the EARTH version of Escherichia Coli ...and its features.

--> Fortran   H computer language  adapted to  human bio-computers 


The IBM Fortran H Compiler - ElsevierDirect
File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - Quick View
IBM's Fortran H Compiler ... Started with a good compiler — Fortran H Extended. Fortran H - one of 1st commercial compilers to perform systematic analysis ...


Classic Optimizing Compilers IBM's Fortran H Compiler
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Improved Optimization of Fortran Object Programs. R.G. Scarborough & H.G. Kolsky. Started with a good compiler Fortran H Extended.

--> Fortran extensions into daily life of human bio-computers  ...and the bio-computer WAR signs

Fortran H --> subset words Fort H --> Fort Hood

Fortran H --> subset words ran H --> soldier ran from Hasan's shooting

350 × 175 - The Fortran archive is a collection of items, primarily documents, relating to the early years of the development of the programming language Fortran, ...

  1. Dead Language Fortran - Similar
    Oct 5, 2011 – Dead Language Fortran. A computer programming language sometimes claimed to be dead, mostly by people whose knowledge is decades ...

U.A.ARMY data processing question 

Should I learn Fortran? - › ... › Computer ProgrammingCached - Similar
8 posts - 7 authors - Nov 25, 2004
Nonsense! Fortran  is not a   dead language, it is very much
 a live and useful language 
with new applications being written in it every day.

The FORT HOOD new application of FORTRAN.

The FORT hood 13 human soldiers  that  RAN    are dead ....
but FORTRAN social engineering language  is alive in subliminal minds and in COMPUTER EARTH system 370. 

The FORT HOOD new application of FORTRAN evolution and the evolution of awareness by  some humans with a Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic  bio-computer with eye/optical data  processing abilities of   the photon/symbolic life concept: 

Democracy = D + em + ocr  + acy =

D = Demo of the White House (White spectrum and English language symbolic house)
em = Thomas Edison electromagnetic light from light bulbs at night
ocr = the human eye/retina/pupil /iris   ocr = optical character  reader  

Tell COMPUTER World magazine to pay attention to the  modern formats of expression of EARTH computer wars ...such as the Base 16 HEX battle on April 16 at Virginia TECH.  

Combine ......Fortran H with Escherichia Coli 

High Performance Fortran in Practice
Apr 30, 1996 – High Performance Fortran (HPF) was defined in 1993 to provide a portable syntax for expressing
 data-parallel computations in Fortran.

  1. E. Coli 0157:H7  Infection Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment ... › ... › e. coli 0157:h7 indexCached - Similar
    Dr. Charles Davis
    What are the complications of infection with E. coli 0157:H7? ... 

Escherichia coli O157:H7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Escherichia coli O157:H7 is an enterohemorrhagic strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli and a ..... "Method to isolate 

Escherichia coli 0157:H7 ......".

ESCHERICHIA  Coli and its bio-computer influence on events

  1. Esc key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    On computer keyboards, the Esc key is a key labeled Esc or Escape that is used to generate the ASCII Escape character (Control-[, ASCII code 27 in decimal), ...

What is Escape key? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia ... - Similar
A key on computer keyboards, usually labeled Esc. In DOS and Windows environments, pressing the Escape key usually cancels or aborts the current operation.

What is Escape key
Ask Fort Hood computer programmers.
Ask University of Texas systems analysts.
Ask Janet Reno about the renormalization physics equations escape at Waco, Texas.

What is Escape key  Play by Sartre " NO EXIT".

Mark Todd | Death toll rises to 13 in Ft. Hood shootings - Los ...

  1. - Similar
    Nov 7, 2009 – In the end, the shooting rampage at Ft. Hood came down to a ... reportedly entered the Soldier Readiness Processing Center just before 
What secret Pentagon/DARPA computer experiment is described in the above NEWS report...on the Computer Earth system 370 OS/JCL    battle.field ..........battles of DATA FIELDS.

rampage --> Random access method  page (ERROR)  

Todd --> TOD + DD --> Time Of Day ( computer clock)   DD = Data Definition  

Readiness --> Read + in --> Read input processing Center  ( to what  novel   COMPUTER  does the Soldier read input center   provide  soldier  bio-data  input records?)

What possible COMPUTER MODEL of the universe on EARTH could explain the words:
Soldier READ input Center  of the U.S. Army = Ar + My = Area  Myoglobin proteins of the elbowm arm, hand writing muscles.  Thus see begin to see the SYMBOLIC  UNIVERSE  on Earth Lab with the key English language vowels:

I = Input
O = Output

U = Universe

We  clearly see another  Computer model ...I shall call COMPUTER EARTH system 370 .....but the details need to be clarified.  

Thus we have EARTH LAB    and  geography LAND at Killeen, Texas.
a) LAND at --> LAN + dat = Local Area Network data .....

b) Escherichia coli implies ESC key ...withe the geography land as a keyboard 

c) military FORT soldiers ran when they saw  Virgin TECH  biochemistry version H --> Fortran H bio-computer powers 

d ) FORT H --> HOODLUM --> HOOD + LU  + M = Logical Unit  + M13 bacteriophage

e) biochemistry Major H

f) Escherichia coli 0157 H 7  

Take the above H concepts above and COMPILE them together using NATURE's  systems ....and we end up with some  Sartre existential entity  in the  Earth geography LAN  KILL zone of KILLeen, Texas ...that we label as - ->  advanced bio-computer E Col interface  0157H 7  ......of  Earth government biochemistry military rank COL (Colonel)  sending  a commications to the aware COL Timothy Thomas regarding the new RULES of warfare on EARTH with the SCIENCE WARS.

The Mind Has No Firewall
" by ColTimothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)

"The Mind Has No Firewall" by ColTimothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)

Thus we have a new perception of
E, Coli  .......
E = Earth military COL = Colonel      ...... the parallel / supersymmetry to.
human military COL = Colonel.

The University of Texas, Austin  never heard of  the Fort Hood  computer words, suggesting the TEXAS murder cover-ups  from November 1963 thru November 2009.  People in TEXAS take university English courses in creative writing class.  I took a course in REALITY writing in high school and  went to  FSU to take the basic English required of  math/physics majors.

OS/JCL with bio-computer Lee Harvey OSWALD in 1963
DP = Data Processing using DP = Dallas People brain processors 

Jack Ruby = SNA  VTAM RU byte = Request Unit byte 

computer page,
computer address space,
read input data records,
Data Defintion. 

Thus we have many questions and secrets ......that have yet to be explained.    Incomplete explanations and bull-stories  in YEAR 2102 are an insult to knowledge.   The abundance  of  college  math, physics and computer  textbooks in year 2012 ......make the newspaper  stories of the tragedy ...a comedy in  event analysis.  The deeper levels of  REALITY  that underlie the tragic EVENT are ignored  by the DARPA  and Pentagon puppet universities.    Their atomic bio-physics brain cells   are under control of puppet string theory physics projects of NATURE ........ and the periodic atomic table with its  modern Margaret  Mead atomic anthropology project expressions.  

We see an outline of an interesting social science process of Nature. We live on EARTH and ought try to undertsand this social engineering PROCESS CONTROL SIGNAL.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hexadecimal Highway 16 and the West Road, Watertown, Wisconsin RD help explain the Nitrogenous BASES bio-computer data record LOCK symbolized by the NBA sports lockout.


Humans are  bio-computers. The brain is a symbolic data processing unit. We breath oxygen atomic mass 16 into our LUNGs us the Base 16 hexadecimal processing device LU = Logical Unit  with NG = Nitrogen Gas giving equation LU + NG = LUNG.   The ancient Roman empire was built using bio-computer data processing to build the water  aqueducts and the Roman Highway system.
350 × 229 - These aqueducts were quite a challenge to build. The engineering had to be 

The last 60 years...from 1950/1960 ........modern society has used copper wire computers for data processing. 
These are some sense.... of our bio-computer --> the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.

Given, the above....let look at bio-computer data published in the  newspaper this case the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal news reports  from inside the human brain.    Some of their reporters have special insight powers........enhanced by listening to Pink Floyd music  THE WALL on a headset as they walk down the STREET   to  work  at the JOURNAL  news  building.

For such studies, a good geography location on Computer Earth system 370 is the LANDAU geo-physics region of  hexadecimal Highway 16 at Watertown, Wisconsin.  The surrrounding region is composed of  Base 16 HEX'Fa'  =250 Farm fields .....that is  Farm DATA FIELDS predicted by Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory with LANDAU --> LAN + DA + U  = Local Area Network Data Universe.

What computer science news is covered by the JOURNAL regarding   NBA = Nitrogenous BASES data proccessing  by the National Basketball Association of  molecular cell biology sports expressions,

The above  words may have multiple levels of understanding.  The phrase.."Reading between the lines" refers to the possibility that a   2nd message that is different ...may be embedded .....may be a subset of the original message.  Let's look at the possible 2nd message of the English language report.

a) word sport = S + port --> System   I/O  ports 

Above words:
N BAL --> Numberic BAL = Basic Assembler Language used by biology, copper computers, and geography COMPUTER EARTH system 370

Mr.West --> possible signal to West Road math /science, Cambridge University and Nature's backup system at West Road, Watertown Wisconsin, USA --> Universe SAMPLE space RD region called Earth Lab.

NBA season....subset letters
N  BAse --> Numeric  Bases like base 2, base 4, base 16.
N  BAse --> Nitrogen BAse such as U.A.ARMY biochemistry military bases......
...... Fort Hood, Soldier Read Center battle with biochemistry MAJOR Ni (Nidal Hasan)..military agent for Nature's biochemistry systems ..Ni --> Nitrogenous Bases. Below, we show  the agent for NH = Nidal Hasan...and how the superior ethics of the Office of Science refuses to help  explain what happened. Perhaps, someday Washington,DC.  may express curiosity about the SCIENCE WAR  signals.

The U.A.ARMY  biochemistry experiment at Fort Campbell , Kentucky resulted in a college textbook on Nature's molecular military systems and tools.

newspaper words:
NBA Lockout gives
N  BAL  Lock out  P + layers

Numeric Basic Assembler Language data record LOCK output Processing layers  regarding human brain computer problems  and bio-computer system problems ,...that is ..the social engineering ERRORS, abends,  and social economic macro  DUMPS  of  bio-computer MACROeconomics.


  1. - Similar
    For VSAM data sets, you must not change the key field in the record. ... the update is made to both the source VSAM KSDS and the in-memory data table. ... not wait if VSAM is holding an active lock against the record, including records locked ...
  2. DELETE - IBM - Similar
    Delete a record from a file — VSAM KSDS, VSAM RRDS, and data tables only. ... if VSAM is holding an active lock against the record, including records locked ...

  1. VSAM data sets - IBM - Similar
    VSAM data sets are held on direct access storage devices (DASD) auxiliary storage. ... A key-sequenced data set has each of its records identified by a key. .... If you open a file in RLS mode, locking takes place at the record level instead of the ...
  2. Virtual Storage Access Method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    Virtual storage access method (VSAM) an IBM disk file storage access method, first used in ... Originally a record-oriented filesystem., VSAM comprises four data set organizations: Key Sequenced Data Set (KSDS), Relative Record Data Set (RRDS), Entry .... This adds record caching and, more importantly, record locking.

  1. Investigating file control waits - IBM
    See Resource type ENQUEUE--waits for locks on files or data tables. ... Wait for VSAM to reject any system requests issued against the SMSVSAM ..... A resource name of FCDSRNGE indicates a wait for a range lock in a recoverable KSDS

  1. CICS Tips & Tricks - Advanced Debugging System (ADS) for CICS - Similar
    You can download most of these resources from IBM developerWorks Toolbox. ... When using a VSAM KSDS file in CICS and one need's to position the key to the ... not have a locking facility for Temporary Storage, while VSAM locks the entire CI. .... The original task, after issuing its wait, reads the temporary storage record.

  1. CICS File Control Debugging Techniques Ed Addison - IBM
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    2F31B2A0 AAAAAAA VSAM KSDS BASE NO 1 NO YES RUADB OPEN ENA ...... VSAM locks the CI when the record has been read, and CICS locks the record ...

Thus, we see the copper wire computer LOCK  and sometimes it creates a problem.
For human bio-computer systems a similar situation can occur  .....the  Sport =  System I/O Port  with the a possible signal by the National Basketball Association of a  bio-computer data  record lock problem in society at large  and /OR  a DNA bio-computer  Nitrogen base symbolic processing problem.

The Base 16 Hexadecimal curse/hex of April 16 at Virginia TECH was another signal...regarding  the English language symbolic computer  ERRORS and the Virgina TECH new generation of CAD =  Computer Aided Design and their bio-computer application to  student CAD  = CADAVERS.

The newspaper words
evening off -days --> even integers Hex'off' = 255 da = data days

Let's look at another newspaper  article for the secret languages that editiors and reporters have.

Above we have the computer industry problems that spread to bio-computer structures.

The blue handwritten ink note..refers to an enzymes lock-and-key -problems  with biology VSAM KSDS = Key Sequenced Data SET records   ...such as the PENN STATE  student campus enzyme trial of Jerry Sandusky and the locker room issue. Sadly, Penn State continues their intellectual clown show ...and refuse to help understand the Social Science WARS.   Thus the NBA and Penn State have a common intellectual disease in awareness.....called awarness deficiency ..which now affect 90% of the world population.

Below is a  DNA sketch  of the body structure of a basketball player .....that is also an oxygen molecule 32 point guard for the LUNG air molecule military  unit ..known as
Nato Military ...better known  at DARPA and university scientists  as
N atoM --.> the Nitrogen atom  of the gas atomic soldiers ...of Nature's military team comprised of liquids, solids, and gases.  

The sketch  ...we see the 2 legs of a basketball player in the bottom half...and then his body/chest in the upper half  .......thus the well-known biochemistry basketball secret of  sports  sugarcoated money salaries.

  1. What are the 4 DNA nucleotides › ... › CategoriesScienceBiologyGeneticsCached
    The 4 nucleotides in DNA are:
    A = Adenine
    G = Guanine
    C = Cytosine
    T=  Thymine.  are 4 nucleotides of Dna molecules ...

Baseball, football, basketball are known as the SUGAR groups of nucleo.tides .....that are approved by

  1. Tidal Basin Map and Directions - Washington, DC - - Similar
    See a map and directions to the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC, The Tidal Basin map includes markers with links to the main attractions on the Tidal Basin as ...

The DNA polymer chains are held together when the bases attached to the
 sugar groups of the nucleotides
are bound together by hydrogen connections,

known as base pairing. In simple terms, a guanine molecule will bind with a cytosine molecule (using three hydrogen bonds) and an adenine molecule will bind with a thymine molecule using two hydrogen bonds.

Thus we see that hydrogen atom SIGNAL  via the Watergate affair ......was  a DNA political science message ...and the molecular  level   was  transformed/ amplified  into the level of VISIBLE human behavior signals...via the EVENT named Watergate and the bio-computer data record BUFFER code --> Bur  implies bur.glary  .....the Watergate burglary of the DEMO  head ...Democratic National Committee Headquarters -->
Head  ..quarters implies the 4 parts of their brain......thus the Washington, DC parallel to the
GANG of 4 in China.....that symbolized the  brain GANG.lions war ...... this was 1970/1972 before the start of the brain cannibal HEAD HUNTER  war known as Alzheimer's memory eaters bio-computer subroutine.

Thus the GANG of  4 in China, Asia   was Nature's advanced EXTERNAL  warning signal  of the internal brain war ......with the

Gang of 4 in China--> Ganglions and 4 nucleotides in CHIN/mouth which evolved into ALzheimer's.

Gang of 4 DNA nucleotides in CHINA  brain biochemistry war ...etc....a  big puzzle to be unraveled.

Thus the Democratic Committee  HEAD in Quarters...and the
ASIA Gang of 4 in CHIN/nose/mouth .......are different versions of the same world-wide  societal problem.

Above signals of the brain  cell WALL --> WALL STREET Journal of brain wars ....words
NBA's  lock out  --> NBA system lock

Thus the worldwide molecular cell biology DNA war continues .....known as the SCIENCE WARS ..which is WORLD WAR 3    with Alan Sokal and  his intellectual boxing match with DUKE University.  Both   parties  to that debate have been set-up by be participants in a larger theater Nature could see if the audience's  response contained any solid awareness of the deeper  levels  of existence .......besides creative writing class bull-stories in newspapers and the INTERNET.   Interesting data that helps explain the Carl Jung collective group unconsciousness and its  confident jounalism expressions .

Help  understand these puzzles. Spread the word.

Thus we see  the secret of the NBA = National Basketball Association alliance with BRAND NAME advertisers and their marketing.   Looking at the deeper secret level .....
we have the  a citizen group/ business / government master   DNA manipulation scheme ..whose component are comprised of:
NBA   sport  +  BRAND NAME television commands ...deeper  level subset
NBA ...........................DNA commands ,,,input commands to the brain computer.
The university and government intellectuals approve  of commands that are used to  manipulate, confuse, and disorientate  the Central Nervous System 370 symbolic processor and the CNS goal  for accurate and clear thoughts.